This game is awesome, next gen! The only problem is it makes me tired. #gettingold. Ps this was blogged and automatically sent to twitter to see how it works

Linkin Park & Jay Z

Yes..I was there.  It was great.  VIP and in the Mosh PIT.  Yes we were really that close

Linkin Park & Jay Z were great.  N.E.R.D were also a fantastic live band.  So much energy!



The World is getting smaller

Nope…I am getting bigger.  Sat on my arse playing GTAIV and eating lots of sugar treats in Disney Land.



So why have I not had time to update recently.  Well GTAIV is to blame.

Lying awake at night worrying how to make things up with Michelle.  Why hasnt roman called me in a while…..

Yep..GTAIV is fantastic.  More imersive than Bioshock.  The attention to detail is incredible.

So if you don have this game buy it.  However be prepared to spend time worrying more about your virtual life than real one and losing at least 40 hours of sleep playing.

Whats up!

Well have not got around to writing much.  More why later.

But 1st Disney Land Paris was ACE.  Had the best time.  Sun was out and Sully was there toooo.

Best rides Tower Of Terror, Crush & Aerosmith rides.

Want to go to Florida now.  Feet hurt 2 days is lots of walking and sugar treats

Disney Land Paris

So its the long weekend.  Off to DisneyLand Paris.  Never been before.  Cant wait to meet Tigger 🙂

I will provide a full update next week.

Celebrating 15 years with my wife!  Yes..They opened the park to celebrate too!



Do you worry that you cant keep up. Watch this and worry more!

The Edge Of Tranquility

Check out Nick’s web site in the friends sidebar.

He is having an Art Exhibition in May.

If you wanna buy some paintings you had best go

Need to run

Check out the fitness page.  I have started running again.

12m done!

However, those of you with a keen eye will notice that was almost a month ago.  I am a sunny weather runner.  Well thats my excuse.  Bring on the sunshine

A video that made me laugh. Being an Engineer and having a cat!